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** TEMB1LAB Tronix Electronics Merit Badge Package
(includes TMB01 Book,TEMB-PK1,TEMB-9999)
(2 or more $32.90)

UPC 852664435304

Price: $39.95

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Order your Tronix TEMB1 today and get started on the most exciting and fun merit badge there is. It is amazing, you get so much for so little! This is a must for all scouts who want to earn their ROBOTICS MERIT BADGE. Do this one first!

With the workbook and the components that go with it, you have everything you need to earn your Electronics Merit Badge. (Note: You will also need a small amount of solder, a soldering iron and access to a multimeter.)

As a big Bonus, when your have done everything to earn the Electronics Merit Badge, if you complete the Online lessons that come FREE with this lab, you qualify for Tech Level 1 of the Electronics Technician Certification from GSSTechEd.

This TEMB1 includes access to our Online Interactive Software. Here is a link to try it out. Interactive Lessons Online which are included in the price of the Tronix-Pak

Click here to see sample pages from MB Workbook

You can order individual pieces from these links.

Electronics Merit Badge Workbook #TEMB-Book

Experiment Parts with Solderless CB for Lessons 1-19 #TEMB-PK1

For optional Digital Experiments for Lessons 20-25 #TEMB-PK2

Solder Kit #TEMB-9999 LED Blinker Solder kit for Lesson 31
(for Soldering Requirement)

9-Volt Battery

10-PAK of the Electronics Merit Badge Package #TEMB-Ten-PAK(Free Freight)

NOTE: You will also need access to the following: an Analog Multimeter, a Digital Multimeter, a soldering iron, wire cutters, long nose pliers, a Solder Sucker or Solder Braid and solder. These items are usually made available by your Merit Badge instructor for this merit badge.

How will the BSA Electronics Merit Badge benefit you, the Boy Scout?

Electronic devices are becoming more and more a part all our lives. They are integral in autos, computers, audio devices, robots, tools, small and large appliances and more new devices all the time. Understanding the basic concepts of how the components, circuits and devices work. It opens a world of opportunities to the holder of that knowledge. The ability to evaluate the problems in an electronic device gives you the means to save lots of money, through repairing your own equipment or the equipment of others.

Over my many years of learning, working, and tinkering with electronics I have been able to reclaim, repair, and maintain all kinds of electronics devices and appliances.

The benefits boys get from the Tronix Electronics Merit Badge Workbook:

  • A complete start to finish, hands-on learning experience for ultimate convenience in
    completing the Electronics Merit Badge.
  • All the information and training material is provided to help you succeed.
  • They can pursue an interest in electronics all the way to a profitable career.
  • They can continue their electronics education from home or school.
  • They can obtain an 'Electronics Technician Certification' at
  • They have a great time passing off what used to be a more difficult Merit Badge.

The benefits for Scout Masters and Electronics Merit Badge Counselors:
This Tronix Workbook

  • is a completely organized, start to finish, hands-on teaching tool.
  • is the ultimate convenience in teaching the Electronics Merit Badge.
  • provides all the boy needs to complete all the requirements.
  • includes a Worksheet check list and counselor sign-offs for tracking progress.

Additional Features:

  • All required components are available from
  • The boys will enjoy this hands-on learning while preparing for their future.
  • Free to Scouters! "Fundamental Concepts of Electronics"
    (This Hands-On Lab package includes Online Interactive Software and Soldering Video)

Table of Contents for: Boy Scout

Table of Contents
Page Section #A “Introduction and Electronics Merit Badge Requirements”
1 - Table of Contents
2 - Introduction and Acknowledgements
3 - The Benefits of having this Merit Badge
4 - Merit Badge Requirements List
5-10 - Merit Badge Sign-Off Worksheet
Section #B “Safety Lesson”
11-22 - Safety First
Lesson #1 “Symbols, Inventory and Circuits”
23 - Schematic Symbols
24-25 - Parts Inventory
26-27 - Basic Electronic Circuits
28-29 Lesson # 2 “How to read the Resistor Color Code”
30-31 Lesson # 3 “How to use a Solderless Circuit Board”
32-33 Lesson # 4 “How to read Capacitor Values”
34-35 Lesson # 5 “How a Resistor Works”
36-37 Lesson # 6 “How a Potentiometer Works”
38-39 Lesson # 7 “How a Photocell Works”
40-41 Lesson # 8 “How a Capacitor Works”
42-43 Lesson # 9 “How a Speaker Works”
44-45 Lesson # 10 “How a Diode Works”
46-47 Lesson # 11 “How an SCR Works”
48-49 Lesson # 12 “How an NPN Transistor Works”
50-51 Lesson # 13 “How a PNP Transistor Works”
52-53 Lesson # 14 “How a 2-Transistor Oscillator Works”
54-55 Lesson # 15 “How a IC 555 Timer Works”
56-57 Lesson # 16 “Dual Burglar Alarm”
59-59 Lesson # 17 “Automatic Night Light”
60-61 Lesson # 18 “Electronic Metronome”
62-63 Lesson # 19 “Electronic Motor Cycle”
64-73 Lesson # 20 “Introduction to Digital and the 555 Timer Integrated Circuit”
74-75 Lesson # 21 “How a Binary Counter Circuit Works (MOD 16)”
76-77 Lesson # 22 “How a Decade Counter Circuit Works (MOD 10)”
78-79 Lesson # 23 “How a 7-Segment Digital Readout Works”
80-81 Lesson # 24 “How a Digital Readout Decoder Works”
82-84 Lesson # 25 “How a Binary/Decimal Counter Works”
85-98 Lesson # 26 “Four Pieces of Test Equipment in one meter.” (using a Analog Multimeter)
99-101 Lesson # 27 “OHM's Law E=IR” (using a Digital Multimeter)
102-103 Lesson # 28 “Resistors in Series”
104-105 Lesson # 29 “Resistors in Parallel”
106-107 Lesson # 30 “Measuring Voltage” (Series/Parallel Batteries)
108-115 Lesson # 31 “Build an LED Blinker Kit” - Learn to Solder
108 - What is a Printed Circuit Board
109 - Safety Precautions for Soldering
110 - Soldering Steps Click Here for Soldering Video
111 - Desoldering Techniques
112 - Introduction to Soldering
113 - Project Description of LED Blinker Kit
114 - Build the LED Blinker on the Printed Circuit Board
115 - Troubleshooting the LED Blinker circuit
116-122 Lesson # 32 Build Circuits by Schematic
123-126 Lesson # 33 List of Component Descriptions
127 Appendix Answer Sheet for Safety Test
128 Order Form for Workbooks, parts, tools and Courses.

This Electronics Merit Badge program is the perfect lead-in to the GSS Tech ED Electronic Technician Certification Program. When you complete this Electronics Merit Badge and, in addition, you do the Interactive Lessons and Quizzes that are online that go along with these written lessons, you qualify to be a Level 1 Technician in the GSS Tech Ed Electronic Technician Certification Program. You will receive a beautiful signed certificate stating that you are a Level 1 Certified Electronics Technician. The details for obtaining your certificate are in the book.

Free to Scouters! Check out the online software
"Fundamental Concepts of Electronics"
(This Hands-On Lab package includes Online Interactive Software )

Good Luck in your career in electronics. Learn electronics and you will be worth much more.
Any questions, just call us at 1-800-314-3843
We wish you all the best,

Gary Gibson, Founder and Educator 1-800-422-1100
Randy Wakefield, Technical Writer and Editor 1-800-314-2855

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