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Be Worth More! "Learn Electronics"


Military, High School Students, and Home Study Students,
can receive COLLEGE CREDITS for taking
GSS Tech Ed Electronic Technician Courses.

Call Gary at 1-800-422-1100 for how to sign up.

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Do you want to be worth more $$$. Learn Electronics Technology.
Here is Why and How!

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Want A Successful Electronics Technology Program?

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Our purpose is to provide education in electronics technology,
by teaching electronics with hands-on experiments so that people can
invent things, build things, fix things and get into higher paying careers.

Our program also helps improve (STEM) science,
technology, engineering, and math scores.

Life's Basic Skills necessary to succeed are
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and ELECTRONICS.

Phone Numbers: 1-800-422-1100, 1-951-471-4932, 1-800-314-3843

Fax Numbers: 1-951-471-4981, 1-888-203-6962

Los Angeles Valley College - Course EL-2 with Ron Reis

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